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Marc Johnson 



Marc Johnson was born in Los Angeles in 1962 but soon moved to New York where he was raised in the now trendy SOHO. Attending NY’s prestigious high school of Music and Art, his journey with art began at an early age. Having artists as parents, he was exposed to various techniques, mediums and finishes early on. In the late 1980’s he began vigorously exploring the different applications of texture and the balance of color. As this captivation progressed the content of his paintings became more complex and involved. His works are created through a process of pouring, layering, scraping off and reapplying, thus leaving traces of earlier applications. These build ups and over laps of successive stages demand the viewer continually adjust his or her perception to consider all the possibilities within the subject. The paintings reveal themselves slowly, always asking the viewer to explore each successive layer and the relationship between color and texture. Marc Johnson’s unique approach results in paintings that leave a powerful yet peaceful impression on the viewer. “I’ve started to let the pieces unfold on their own rather than undertake each painting with a predetermined outcome and, as a result, I’m revealing the painting rather than “painting” the painting. “

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